4th District State Delegates

Each congressional district in Kansas is comprised of 38 state delegates to the state convention.  The Chair and Vice-Chair receive two delegate positions and serve on the executive committee. The remaining 36 delegates are elected from each congressional district by the precinct committee persons from each precinct. In the 4th District, the state delegates are divided between Sedgwick County and the remaining counties based on the proportion of voter turnout in the previous statewide primary. Based on this calculation, there are currently 28 state delegates from Sedgwick County and 8 from the remaining counties. 





James Thompson (Chair)
John Moeder
Lamont Anderson
Jimmy Yeager
Chris Pumpelly
Dennis Romero
Randy Rathbun
David Fields
Mike Shatz
Nathan Bales
Clint Raulsten
Levi Henry
Charlie Combs
Jerry Lucas
Esau Freeman
Mike Morton
Kermit Brown
Doug Lawson
Kyle Wittorf
Justin Shore
Tom James
David Glover
George Dean
Brock Booker
Bill Potenski
James Black
Ryan Kastens
Ethan Caylor
Jeffrey Hemingway
Bob Becker
Rick Roitman
Rhonda Cox (Vice-Chair)
Geraldine Flaharty
Elle Boatman
Donna Wirth
Sarah Lopez
Kelsey Fowler Floyd
Casey Yingling
Brenda Fields
Jen D'Souza
Stephanie Yeager
Monica Marks
Makayla Alderson
Samantha Raulsten
Olivia Vest
Marge Zakura-Vaughn
Cristel Heffron
Robin Longhofer
Jo Roitman
Arnita Henry
Beckie Jenek
Haley Kottler
Jessica Olson
Sherry Livingston
Stacy Shanahan
Pat Lehman
Deb Shepard
Patricia Lawson
Martha Wade
Sharon Gordon
Suzanne Scribner

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